• "They are beautiful! You made me cry! I know they are just what Kati had in mind for her beautiful day!  Thank you!" - Deena Shea 
  •   "These are amazing!!!  I can't pick just one as my favorite, that's for sure.Thank you so much for doing them for us!" - Christine Mallory
  • "So basically Blake and I LOVE the pictures! We know we are going to cherish these for years to come! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, we really appreciate it, and we honestly love them!" - Kaitlyn Faulkner
  • "Ashley, they are all so amazing. Thank you so very much for capturing her beauty... We will cherish these pictures."  - Kimberly Guy  
  • "We love the pictures so much! You are amazing. Seriously we love them.  Thank you so much!" - Lindsey Larsen
  • "Thank you so much for the pictures!!!! I am so thrilled with how they turned out!!!!! There were so many good ones it is hard to chose ten more. You and Wendel are very talented." - Nicole Johanson
  • "These pictures are so valuable to me, such a treasure. I love them." - Melanie Broadbent
  • "Ashley and Wendel, I feel so very blessed to have chosen such an amazing couple. Your artistic presentation of my daughter's once in a lifetime photo shoot turned out to be more than I had hopped for. The accommodations you both made to meet my needs made a permanent imprint on our family. Thank you so very much!" - Lori Coffin
  • "You did great with the photos. It's going to be hard to choose. You are amazing! Great job, great talent." - Julie Hartman
  • "Thank you Ashley! You are a fantastic photographer! I'm going to promote you and your husband's business like crazy. Thanks again, you rock!" - Rachel Evans
  • "The pictures are amazing! Thanks so much. You’re a great couple and wonderful photographers! The pictures came out perfect!" - Nick Olson
  • "These photos will be a permanent part of our cherished family history and sweet memory. Your artistry completely wowed us!" - Nan and Yun Zhong
  • "What a pair. They are like the dynamic duo of children’s photography. A perfect blend of talent and comedy. At our shoot, Ashley did most of the camera snapping while Wendel had the important jobs of carrying heavy things around, holding up reflectors and saying silly things to make my kids smile. He spent about 30 minutes inventing a secret crush that my son apparently has on his 2nd grade teacher and then teasing him profusely about it. Very important work. I love photos of my children, but having them professionally done is like torture. They are complete spazzes most of the time and never follow directions. But this experience was wonderful. No rush, no rules, no limits on poses or settings or number of shots. We just went where the kids took us, literally. And when they were done, we were done. I really hope A&W Photography will continue their work and we'll be able to do this again down the road when my children have grown an inch or two." - Michaelynn Richardson
  • "All I can say is fun, fun, fun! Wow, what a series of precious moments you have successfully captured on "film." If I had a dilemma it would be which one to put up in our front entryway?!? Thanks so so much." - Meagan Skidmore
  • "Oh you guys are the best!! I love all of these pics...you did such a great job! Thank you SO much." - Lindsey Wallace
  • "You guys did awesome!! I really like them and I didn't think they could ever look this good. Thanks! You are great photographers!" - Dylan Wallace
  • "It was fun meeting with the two of you. It seems like you are a couple of fun people. Thanks again for the photo shoot. The pictures are pretty amazing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work." - Ronni Sanseri
  • "The pictures are so awesome! Everyone keeps asking me who did them! Thank you so much!" - Jackie Steele
  • "These are so adorable! You do such a good job. Thank you!" - Aleisa Price
"Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take some WONDERFUL pictures of my sweet baby girl. You captured the love I have for her, her sweet innocence, and her fun personality that is just beginning to show. I feel like every time I blink she's grown in some way. Pictures have really become an important way for me to take in this experience of watching her grow. You are truly one of the most talented people I know." - Shannon Jex

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